1Password 8 for Mac is now available in public beta and features a much-requested feature


Expect a cleaner Watchtower and user interface.

image credits: apple

After nine months in beta, 1Password 8 is now available for Mac, with a new design and additional functionality added to the already extensive pre-release bundle.

The main motivating force for the adjustments, according to co-founder Dave Teare, was productivity. The most notable new feature is Universal Autofill, which, as the name suggests, allows users to automatically fill in passwords in Mac apps such as Zoom or the Apple App Store.


It also works with single-use two-factor authentication passwords and Mac command lines like Terminal. To make things even faster, 1Password assigns Universal Autofill hotkeys to your keyboard’s Command and Backslash keys.

Quick Access, a floating search bar next to the autofill, allows you to rapidly search your 1Password account for a password or other information.

Security and redesign

1Password used the new Knox design language to build a complex yet simple user interface for the revised user interface. The new icons make finding what you’re seeking for a lot easier. New indications will show you who has access to files in a vault and who will have access if they are relocated.


To secure the new ease-of-access features, 1Password increased the protection level. The Watchtower Dashboard has been revamped to have a cleaner look that makes it easier to see if your catalogue contains any weak passwords. The Dashboard had a more cluttered design in the early access edition, with details crammed into a short space.

1Password released Developer Tools in March 2022 for individuals who desire an extra degree of security. It’s a set of tools that allow developers to easily construct and manage workflows while maintaining security.

Future changes that may occur

Many of these changes are the result of user feedback, and despite the fact that this is new, people are already commenting, particularly on the 1Password subreddit.


One user inquired about the status of field ordering, which was available in previous versions of 1Password. It essentially allowed you to modify the order in which categories appeared on the user interface. Teare personally commented that a beta for this functionality is in the works.

Another member of the 1Password team mentioned that they are working into implementing MDM (mobile device management) functionality. This is essentially further mobile device support for 1Password.

That functionality may appear in a future point upgrade or in the next beta round.


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