A beta version of Gboard’s split keyboard layout, which is foldable, is now available


There is no longer a need to extend your fingers.

image credits: gearrice

Foldable phones have successfully entered the mainstream in recent years. Even while they are still a little more costly than smartphones with a regular, non-foldable display, they have already made great strides and are gaining popularity. With Android 12L, even Google has begun to accept foldables and bigger displays in general. Google isn’t waiting around to give these phones some software love, as we can see with Gboard’s new split layout, which is presently rolling out for beta customers, even though the company’s own rumoured foldable probably won’t be a thing for a while.

According to a post on /r/GalaxyFold, the beta testers for Gboard’s new layout are now receiving it. If you are enrolled and download the most recent version, you should have access to the new split keyboard layout, which separates the keyboard into two halves so that users with bigger displays may more easily reach all the keys. As all of the keys in the middle should be within reach of your thumbs in this manner, you won’t need to perform any hand gymnastics to press them.


The “G” and “V” keys, which are normally found in the middle of a keyboard, are duplicated so you may choose to press them on either side. Gboard will recognise which screen you’re using if you go between the cover and main displays, and the layout will automatically switch between split and non-split.

We already received a sneak peek at this layout last month, so this isn’t the first time we’ve seen it. But at that time, only root had access to it. It should not take too long for it to reach the stable build of the app now that it is formally available for testing in the beta.


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