A much-needed function to simplify unit conversions is included in iOS 16


Timezones can also be converted directly.

image credits: theverge

Even though iOS 16 is still months away from its official release, individuals testing it have found new features. When it comes to conversion numbers on our iPhones, the most recent update may be helpful to many of us in India. This was just discovered in a tweet by the editor-in-chief of MacStories, demonstrating the text detection and data conversion capabilities of Apple’s first-party apps. This also applies to conversions for temperatures, time zones, and other unit measurement types. Although the tweet makes no mention of the function being area-specific, it’s possible that it will be accessible in every region.

The feature operates similarly to how the date and time are recorded in a text message, as can be seen in the screenshot. Previously, you could make a calendar invitation using the time provided, but now we have to manually alter the information to reflect our separate time zones. Currently, the function is compatible with Apple’s Notes, iMessage, Mail, and Calendar apps.


By choosing the text that has been highlighted, the feature can be activated. For instance, suppose someone messages you the meeting time along with the timezone. Holding down the underlined text will bring up choices to convert it to your current time zone. It’s not obvious from the screenshot whether creating a new calendar event would also convert the timezone, even though the new feature allows you to view the conversion.

Accessible across all apps?

It’s not clear if this is a system-wide function that will work with third-party apps, even if the capability has been teased to work with Apple’s own apps. We are hopeful that Apple will need to enable the function on some of the most well-known iOS apps that are utilised by everyone. like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and WhatsApp.

The new tool is most helpful for people who are in contact with friends, family, and clients who live abroad. People that want to share information rapidly would be able to communicate better thanks to it. It is no longer necessary for the sender and recipient of the information to convert the units before posting their message.


The mobile operating systems will see many cosmetic changes with iOS 16, which was revealed at WWDC. By the month of September this year, the update is expected to be available to all users.

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