A Pixel 7 prototype was almost sold on eBay


Since it attracted attention, the listing has been removed.

image credits: phonearena

During the Google IO conference, Google showed off the Pixel 7 smartphone and the Pixel Watch. An eBay listing for the prototype Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro variants was discovered by a Reddit user. The photographs of the product were taken with a prototype of the latter smartphone, despite the fact that the listing was for the former. When the eBay listing received a lot of attention, it was quickly removed from the site.

While the photographs in the listing don’t reveal anything new about the device or its capabilities. There are no Google trademarks or logos on the device because it is a prototype. The smartphone has the same gleaming design we saw on stage at the developer conference. The next top Google smartphone will have the same compact appearance as the Pixel 6. On the display, it has thinner bezels and a punch-hole notch at the top.


The only difference we’ve seen is that the camera casing is slightly slimmer. It appears that Google was able to preserve the same number of lenses on the Pixel 7’s rear while also lowering the thickness. Most users will find it easier to rest the smartphone flat on their back, like they did in the previous generation. When placed on its back on a table, the Pixel 7 is unlikely to shake considerably.

Was it all planned or was it just a fluke?

This isn’t the first time a smartphone has been leaked before its official release. A Pixel Watch was also found abandoned in a restaurant, and we were able to have a closer look at it.

The Pixel Watch, Pixel Tablet, and Pixel 7 series were all introduced, although the products will not be available until later this year. However, there are rumours that the corporation is releasing many of the products in order to generate more buzz. Even if this isn’t the case, many consumers have been waiting for Google to introduce a wristwatch to compete with Apple’s Watch and Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4.


After a long hiatus from the Indian market, the Pixel 6a is set to return. However, the company’s pricing announcements are crucial to its success. Many users in India were dissatisfied with the pricing of prior Pixel launches, particularly the Pixel 4a.

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