All your video calls will be replaced by Google Meet


Google Meet and Duo are merging to form a single video call platform.

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Thanks to a huge update from Google, the days of switching between several apps to make video conversations may soon be past.

The software behemoth has announced that it will combine its Google Meet video conferencing product with its more consumer-oriented Duo platform into a single platform.


The Duo app, which was first published in 2016, will be rebranded to Google Meet later in 2022, providing users with “a single, integrated solution for both video calling and meetings,” according to Google.

Meet and Duo are two Google products

Over the coming several weeks, users will see Google Meet capabilities in Duo, such as the ability to organise video meetings and modify virtual backgrounds in calls and meetings.

In addition, Google Meet capabilities such as in-meeting chat, live content sharing, real-time captions, auto-light changes and noise cancellation will be available to Duo users, as well as larger call sizes, with up to 100 participants being able to join a call.


Users of Duo will be able to continue to use the app, which Google claims will keep all of the features that made it so popular, such as making calls using a phone number or email address, applying filters and effects, sending messages, and asking Google Assistant to call using current devices.

According to Google, all Duo users’ chat history, contacts, and messages will be saved in the app, and there will be no need to download a new app or pay additional fees.

Users of Google Workspace can continue to utilise Meet on the web or on mobile as long as the Meet service is turned on in the admin interface, according to the firm.


In a blog post (opens in new tab)announcing the news, Javier Soltero, Vice President and General Manager for Google Workspace, wrote, “The past few years have accelerated and deepened our use of video communications to stay in touch with our friends and loved ones, learn new things, celebrate milestones, and even welcome new family members.”

“We’ll continue to invest in Google Meet to let people connect, collaborate, and share experiences on any device, at home, at school, and at work,” says Google.

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