An annoying “continue receiving messages” issue in Gmail is now being fixed


It is unknown how widespread the issue is, and it started on Thursday.

image credits: piunikaweb

Google has acknowledged that the issue with Gmail pushing banner notifications on some users exists and that a fix is being developed for those customers who are affected. Beginning on Thursday, July 7, some users complained that an inaccurate notification asking them if they wished to continue receiving messages from senders was delivered to their emails.

Do you wish to keep receiving communications from this sender? asks the message. Please let us know what you think of this message. Even though you may always unsubscribe or flag it as spam in the future, we won’t inquire about this sender again. No matter how the user responded, the ad kept appearing in subsequent emails. The problem, according to those who are having it, has been present in all emails from different senders.


Google recognised this fault and stated that the engineering team has resolved it to prevent it from occurring for incoming emails going forward. That implies that you won’t encounter this in any more mails. However, it hasn’t resolved the issue for emails that impacted customers have already received, and Google has stated that a remedy is being developed for those. On Friday, July 8, at 12 p.m. PT / 3 p.m. EST, Google is expected to provide an update to let us know if the issue has been fixed.

The issue hasn’t affected anyone on the Android Police team across numerous accounts, and Google hasn’t said how prevalent it is. Although we are aware that it is impacting Gmail and Enterprise subscribers, the problem might not be widespread. However, if this problem affects you, the notice is irritating, and we hope Google can address it as soon as possible.


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