Apple reminds developers that by June 30 all apps must allow account deletion


You must be able to destroy something if you can make it.

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The next month is coming up, therefore developers had best make sure some of their apps allow account termination.

The firm reminds developers who enable account creation within their apps that they must also enable account cancellation for users in a new update on the Apple Developer website. Beginning on June 30, the new requirement will apply to all new applications.


As stated in App Store Review Guideline 5.1.1, apps that offer account creation must provide users to initiate account cancellation within the app as of June 30, 2022. (v). This deadline was extended to allow more time to fulfil this criterion.

When include the functionality in their app, developers must adhere to a number of rules laid down by Apple:

When upgrading your app, do bear in mind the following specifications:

  • Your app’s account deactivation option need to be simple to locate.
  • You must utilise the Sign in with Apple REST API to revoke user tokens when cancelling an account if your app supports Sign in with Apple.
  • The option to just temporarily disable or deactivate an account is insufficient. People should have the option to erase their personal information from the account as well.
  • Apps in sectors with strict regulations may offer extra customer care channels to validate and speed up the account deactivation procedure.
  • Regarding the management of account deactivation as well as the storage and preserving of user account information, adhere to any applicable legal obligations. This involves abiding by local regulations in various nations or locations. Consult with your attorney as usual.

The Apple Developer website has all the details that developers need to know about account cancellation and make sure they comply with the new rule.


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