Apple’s latest patent may be able to eliminate the annoyance of notifications on numerous devices


At the same time, pair two Apple Watches.

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Apple may be revamping how notifications are sent to people who are part of their product ecosystem. The Cupertino tech behemoth is aiming to ensure that users receive notifications on the device they are now using.

According to an AppleInsider report(opens in new tab), the corporation has filed a patent that could hypothetically allow different Apple devices to connect with one another. It will allow devices to determine which is currently in use. As a result, if someone is working on their latest reports on their MacBook, the notifications will be redirected to the laptop.


The patent was initially intended for a variety of wearable devices. However, if Apple develops the technology, it will make being a part of the ecosystem more seamless and efficient. The company is working on a function called ‘Auto Switch,’ which will allow two wearable gadgets to communicate with one another. This means you’ll be able to add or pair two separate Apple Watches to your phone in the future. It will also be able to tell which one is attached to your wrist.

Currently, the Apple Watch can detect when you remove your watch and will lock the screen automatically. If a second watch is attached to the account and the user wears it, all notifications will be forwarded to the second one, according to this patent.

An Apple ecosystem that is more efficient

Because many of the company’s programmes, such as iMessage and Mail, are available on all of their products, notifications are sent to all of them at once. So, when working on your MacBook, messages will ping on your Apple Watch, and you’ll get mail alerts on your iPad and MacBook while perusing the web on your iPhone.


There were previously previous reports of notification delays on MacBooks prior to the release of macOS 12.4’s latest version. However, the patent suggests that Apple’s ecosystem will become more efficient and smooth in the future.

Apple’s WWDC will take place in the first week of June, and attendees will learn more about the impending updates to iOS, macOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

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