Apple’s OLED iPads from 2024 will be smaller and lighter


While most reports focused on the screen technology, a recent piece from ET News provides further information regarding the display panel production of Apple’s expected OLED panels for its iPad series in the next years. The two primary display manufacturers, Samsung and LG, are rumoured to be developing new OLED panels exclusively for Apple’s forthcoming 2024 iPads.

image credits: bgr

Dry etching, a procedure in which manufacturers employ gas chemicals to remove undesired material layers from the TFT circuit design surface while manufacturing, is the novel aspect of the production process. The OLED display can be made lighter and thinner thanks to this technique, which also reduces the tablets’ total size.

Apple is also focusing on creating a unique covering for the screen that will increase the panel’s durability. According to reports, Apple is already internally testing the first OLED iPad prototypes.


According to earlier reports on the OLED iPad, Apple would employ double-stacked OLED panels, which have two layers of light-emitting diodes and should provide a brighter display.

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