Because it’s blocked, Steam Deck won’t let you install a game? Don’t worry, this is simply a bug, according to Valve


Valve confirms that a technical issue affecting a select titles has been rectified.

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Some Steam Deck owners were concerned that developers might be able to prevent their games from being played on the portable gaming PC, but Valve quickly clarified that this isn’t the case, and the confusion stems from what was actually a ‘technical issue’ and a mistake – which has since been corrected.

On Twitter, it was noticed that Demon Gaze Extra, a JRPG, appeared to be configured in such a way that it could not be installed on Steam Deck (but if you downloaded on the desktop and transferred the game files across, it did work).


This prompted the notion that certain game makers were flagging their games and preventing them from being installed on Valve’s device on purpose, but Valve quickly clarified that this was not the case.

“Before the Deck launch, we created a functionality to allow developers to classify particular content/depots as being relevant just for Deck users,” Valve revealed in an email to PC Gamer.

“Developers might use this to give a different default graphics configuration on Deck, for example.” Because of a technical issue with how this feature was delivered, certain information was mistakenly classified as the opposite (“send these depots to every client not on a Deck”).”


Valve also stated that the relevant feature has been upgraded so that developers will no longer be able to accidentally mark their games as blocked, and that for any titles that are already unable to be installed owing to this glitch, Valve is “working with partners to resolve the issue.”

Observation: Much ado about nothing

Thankfully, this turned out to be a bit of a kerfuffle over nothing, and any affected titles should be fixed by Valve and the respective game developers soon.

Valve appears to be serious about responding quickly to issues that arise with the Steam Deck, as evidenced by the newest beta release, which appears to address the fan whine issues that some owners have complained about.


Although the reduced noise is accompanied with an increase in internal temperatures, keep in mind that the fan fix is still in development, and any negative side effects should be worked out with more testing. (Note that temperatures don’t get too hot — PC Gamer did some testing and found that this is the case even with more demanding games like Elden Ring.)

Game compatibility is also progressing quickly, as Valve recently announced that it has now added over 2,000 games to the verified or playable fold – basically, titles that have been rated as functioning properly with the Steam Deck – including the vast majority of the most popular PC games.


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