Before WWDC 2022, iOS 15.5 is available to improve Apple Cash and other features


A quick update ahead of Apple’s big developer conference next month.

image credits: 9to5mac

Apple has started sending out iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 to developers, delivering new features, fixes, security updates, and tools.

For those who haven’t yet received the update, members of the Apple subreddit have generously provided the release notes on Pastebin.


The new iOS 15.5 update includes a bug fix for automations on the Home app, a new Podcasts feature that limits the number of episodes stored on an iPhone and then automatically deletes the old ones, and a new Podcasts feature that limits the number of episodes stored on an iPhone and then automatically deletes the old ones.

These automations may, for example, be set to turn out the lights when you leave the house, but there appears to be a problem with their activating. For the new money transfer capabilities, you’ll find two new buttons labelled ‘Request’ and ‘Send’ in the Cash update. The update to iPadOS 15.5 is substantially smaller, as it only includes the podcast changes.

iOS 15.5 was released as a beta in April 2022, and it appears that several features are missing. There were hints in the beta code of a new SportsKit tool for streaming baseball games, Apple Classical, a streaming service for classical music, and iTunes Pass, a gift code function for the App Store.


It’s unclear when these capabilities will be available, but Apple’s WWDC 2022 event is coming up on June 6, so there’s a high chance they’ll be shown up along with iOS 16.

Upcoming changes and security

The security improvements are likewise small. They’re all about plugging gaps in the coding of these apps to prevent malicious actors from getting in. Apple also improved Wi-Fi security to combat denial-of-service assaults.

The Developer side of things may not be particularly fascinating to regular customers, but it may provide insight into future releases. Support for DualSense adaptable triggers is a very intriguing addition.


On the PS5, DualSense controllers feature a specific sensitivity to their back triggers, which could change for iOS. There could also be updates to the Health app. When individuals try to use the Blood Oxygen feature, the programme crashes, according to the notes.

If you want to make these changes, Apple provides step-by-step instructions for updating your iPhone or iPad.

After all, it appears that Apple WWDC 2022 will be held in person — at least for select attendees.


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