BTS art tour revives Google Earth’s best feature


BTS will take you on an art journey.

image credits: people

BTS, the K-pop sensation, has joined up with Google Maps to create a special Street View Gallery that will take BTS fans on a virtual tour of the world, much as Google Earth does.

Tourists in London, New York, and Seoul will be able to see the boy band’s members’ favourite artwork projected onto buildings and landmarks as part of the band’s world tour. Each piece of artwork is accompanied by a brief explanation of why BTS is drawn to it, and each item is accompanied with a photograph taken by BTS.


Google Arts and Culture has been utilising Street View to take visitors on virtual tours of museums, galleries, and historical and scientific landmarks as part of its ongoing push to increase public participation in the arts.

BTS Street Gallery takes a cue from Google Earth’s Voyages, which takes a more disjointed approach to a single location than Street View.

With Voyages, users may take in the views and explore notable places from across the world via a wide variety of digital excursions. You may take a tour of Japanese castles, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and North American National Parks, for example, and go from site to site with the touch of a button.


With this BTS trip, other artists may now make their own Street View Gallery tours that include art and places that are meaningful to them, and Google Earth’s finest feature may once again find its place in the limelight.

For as long as it’s functioning, Google Earth doesn’t attract nearly as much acclaim or attention as it formerly did. We’re happy to see Voyages making a partial resurrection on Google Maps while they’re still available to explore; let’s just hope Google adds more tours and makes a complete comeback.


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