DJI’s Avata indoor drone may have struck snags


It appears to have been postponed, but how long will this be?

image credits: dronexl

There are reports that DJI’s next drone, the Avata, may not be ready to take flight as soon as previously expected.

While we had hoped that DJI will release their version of the ‘cinewhoop’ drone early this month, that hasn’t happened yet. DJI Avata’s release has been put off, at least according to Twitter’s @DealsDrone, the original source of that rumoured debut date in July.


As a result of a “factory expansion” and manufacturing shifting to a “new site,” the insider hasn’t provided a new release date for the Avata.

It’s a bummer for DJI’s reported 3in cinewhoop model enthusiasts who were expecting to witness the company’s drone optimised for flying indoors around people in limited places before it’s too late.

When the first leaked photographs of the DJI Avata surfaced in May, the rumours of its existence were given a boost of legitimacy.


In order to fly securely indoors, ‘Cinewhoop’ drones are tiny, agile flying vehicles with built-in propeller guards. A drone of this type has been rumoured for some time, and the leaked images from two months ago looked to confirm those reports.

The Mavic, Air, and Mini line of DJI’s latest drones are all primarily built for amazing outdoor filming. As a result, it’s not out of the question that the drone giant is developing a Cinewhoop-style model with its own camera and electronic image stabilisation.

This implies we may have to wait even longer for the new DJI FPV Goggles, which were supposed to arrive at the same time as the drone. However, if the lag is due to manufacturing and logistics, rather than any product-related concerns, then delays should be minimal.


Analysis: If there is a delay in takeoff, it should be brief

DJI has had a busy couple of months, releasing the DJI Mini 3 Pro in May and the DJI RS 3 and DJI RS 3 Pro professional gimbals only last month. Due to a fresh Covid epidemic, the Chinese firm said in April that it will “temporarily cease all commercial activity in Russia and Ukraine.” In June, there were limited lockdowns in Shenzhen (where DJI’s GQ is headquartered).

New DJI products haven’t been affected by delays in the Avata launch, according to @Dealsdrone, who claims it’s because of a “factory expansions” and a relocation to a new site, which might be in reference to DJI’s upcoming move to Shenzhen this year.

In any case, the DJI Avata isn’t the first product to be postponed this year, and it’s still expected in 2022 at the earliest. Given that many of the current ones (such as the arrangement used in Tesla’s Gigafactory tour above) use the DJI HD FPV system, which consists of a receiver, an FPV camera and some sort of remote control, DJI could surely benefit from making a cinewhoop drone.


DJI Avata is said to be an all-in-one version of this technology, including new FPV Goggles and, of course, the sub-500g drone. Let’s hoping we don’t have to wait too long until we get to witness this concept in action.

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