Draymond Green Willing to Explore Other Teams if Warriors Don’t Pay


Draymond Green is open to playing for different organisations.

image credits: sportingnews

Extending the contract of Draymond Green might take several forms. If the Golden State Warriors don’t pay him, he could consider quitting the team.

It was claimed by The Athletic’s Anthony Slater and Marcus Thompson that Draymond Green sought a max deal extension, but the Golden State Warriors don’t necessarily think he’s deserving of one. Furthermore, Stephen Curry has allegedly remarked that Draymond Green and he are part of a big three that is a package deal.


Draymond Green is said to be open to exploring other clubs if the Warriors aren’t prepared to pay him, according to reports.

Having having won a championship with a record-breaking salary cap, the Golden State Warriors have signed Draymond Green to a five-year, $25.8 million contract extension. If all goes according to plan, he’ll earn $27.6 million during the upcoming NBA season (2023-24). If the Warriors were to offer Draymond Green a max contract, it would suggest that the 34-year-old is already on the decline. They won’t have to deal with it until next season, but there are a variety of outcomes that are possible in this position.

Money should not be a problem for a club as wealthy as the Golden State Warriors. Overpaying a player, on the other hand, is a problem that affects all teams, regardless of income.


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