Every iPhone 14 model could get two major selfie camera upgrades


Autofocus and a bonus feature

image credits: macrumors

Front-facing cameras on smartphones are often overlooked, and the iPhone is no exception, with Apple’s selfie cameras having remained unchanged since the iPhone 11. However, another significant update may be on the way.

Apple is likely to add autofocus to the front-facing camera on the iPhone 14 range, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with an excellent track record for Apple intelligence, writing on Medium(opens in new tab).


This isn’t the first time they’ve said it, but the fact that they’re repeating it now shows they’re still confident in it. It’s something we’ve heard before from various sources, so it appears likely.

However, Kuo predicts that Apple will use a six-element lens, up from five elements on the iPhone 13 lens, for the selfie camera.

This refers to the number of separate glass parts within the lens, and while more isn’t always better, it can be, and most likely will be in this situation – especially because Kuo calls this a “improvement.”


If this information is correct, the selfie camera on the iPhone 14 and its siblings will likely offer much increased performance over previous iPhones.

Kuo also gave information on Apple’s suppliers for the new camera, which isn’t very interesting except that if Kuo has those specifics, it’s more likely that they’d be aware of any planned updates.

Autofocus vs. fixed focus: a comparison

The shift to autofocus, according to Kuo, would result in “much superior selfie and video performance,” thus the iPhone 14 should be a huge upgrade.


Current iPhones have fixed focus selfie cameras, which means the lens can’t be altered and the amount of a scene that’s in focus is consistent throughout images without the use of additional software. However, with autofocus, you may fine-tune the focus for the photo you wish to take. This enables for a wider range of pictures, as well as maybe enhanced crispness.

There is a little drawback to autofocus in that it takes a fraction of a second to focus, whereas a fixed focus lens does not, however autofocus is superior and more desirable for the most part.

However, it’s less important on front-facing cameras than on rear-facing cameras because you’ll be capturing the same types of images from the same distance because most people will be shooting selfies. Furthermore, software can help with some of the slack.


Autofocus, on the other hand, is a welcome addition that has been long overdue.

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