Facebook helps WhatsApp add avatars


Users have the option to add new ones via the app itself.

image credits: larepublica

In an upcoming upgrade to WhatsApp, Facebook’s avatar profile will be integrated into the instant messaging programme. In the Meta Platforms app, the avatars were already being worked on for video conversations. We’re now able to witness more progress in the feature’s development.

The settings menu for WhatsApp will soon include a new section devoted to avatars. As expected, Facebook’s own settings would be used to import the avatars. The settings menu provides a button to allow users to design personal avatars in the screenshot below. All other applications will be able to use the same avatar if this link redirects to the main avatar page. There’s a tutorial here to assist you with that as well.


The screenshot was taken from the Android app’s beta version. In any case, it’s too early to tell when we’ll see this functionality. Beta testing hasn’t been extended to a broader number of developers yet. In addition, the avatars functionality will be available on the iOS app. When the desktop version is out, we will have to wait and see.

Whatsapp’s reimagination

When it comes to adding new features, WhatsApp had a lot of catching up to do. With its recent improvements, WhatsApp has swiftly reversed the fortunes of its competitors like Telegram. A few things about WhatsApp will be different now that avatars are available. Among other things, group calls with pals will be a lot of fun. You should expect to see Accapella videos trending on Reels or YouTube as soon as the functionality becomes live.

Adding avatars to WhatsApp is now easy for both the company and its users. To get started, all that’s required is that the account be linked to a WhatsApp phone. It’s unnecessary for already-registered users to spend time creating new avatars.


All of the aforementioned fun is contingent on the app’s ability to implement the functionality correctly. How many people will utilise the function on a daily basis? If the avatars don’t look well on the screen, not everyone will use the service. Apple’s Memoji had the same issue in the early days. Camera and lighting conditions are necessary for a nice functional avatar.

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