For the third quarter in a row, the Indian PC market sells 4 million units


HP is the market leader, but Acer has the strongest year-over-year increase.

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For the third quarter in a row, India’s PC market has grown steadily, surpassing 4 million units. According to a recent study by International Data Corporation (IDC), the traditional PC market, which includes desktops, notebooks, and workstations, had another strong quarter (Jan-Mar 2022), shipping over 4.3 million units and seeing a YoY growth of 37.7%, with the majority of that growth coming from laptop sales. Portable computers account for about 3 million devices, with desktop computers accounting for 1 million.

The growth was attributed to two key sources, according to the report. The first was the increased demand for government offices’ normal operations following the COVID lockdowns and curfews. The second aspect was the consumer group that was just starting out on their Work From Home path, as well as students who were learning remotely. Many offline retail stores have also contributed, with a YoY increase of 41.4 percent.


In terms of overall market share, HP is in first place with 33.8 percent, followed by Dell and Lenovo with 19,4 percent and 17.6 percent, respectively. Acer and Asus round out the top five with 9.8% and 6.2 percent market share, respectively.

When comparing the year-over-year growth of the top brands on the list, Acer has the greatest increase of 75%. The company has also experienced a 56.3 percent increase in sales of business notebooks. In the business notebook sector, Asus has experienced a 67.4 percent increase.

Smartphones fell as PCs increased in popularity

While the number of laptops and desktop computers in homes and companies has increased, the same cannot be said for smartphones in the country. In the first quarter of 2022, smartphone sales in India fell. Realme, on the other hand, was the only brand to see a 40% increase in sales year over year.


Samsung’s smartphones supplied the majority of the 314 percent YoY rise in 5G smartphone shipments in Q1 2022, accounting for over 28 percent of total shipments.

With wearables, it’s the opposite way around. The wearable industry grew 173 percent faster than the computing industry. The majority of users in the country choose low-cost wearables under Rs 5,000. With their affordable options, Indian brands like Noise and Fire-Boltt are topping the market.

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