Future earphones and wearables are described in a leak from OnePlus


These gadgets could debut in the third quarter of this year.

image credits: xdadevelopers

OnePlus has put its toes in the accessories pool, more especially earphones and wearables, despite likely being more recognised for its lineup of flagship and mid-range handsets. We adored the OnePlus Nord Buds because they are an exceptional and current example of inexpensive earphones that truly make the correct decisions. Two allegedly future TWS earbuds, as well as two wearables, the OnePlus Watch 2 and OnePlus Band 2, are currently the subject of a fresh leak that provides some brief details.

The information was provided by tipper Mukul Sharma, who thinks the earbuds might debut alongside the upcoming OnePlus phone launch somewhere in the third quarter of the year. One of the two upcoming TWS earbuds is expected to bear the Nord label, while the other is most likely to maintain the OnePlus label.


Sharma also mentioned the release of the OnePlus Watch 2 and Band 2. The former is a full-featured smartwatch, while the latter is exactly what it sounds like: a reasonably priced fitness tracker designed to compete with the enduringly well-liked Mi Band series. The Watch 2 still has a lot of opportunity for development, especially in light of our dissatisfaction with the first OnePlus Watch, which received a dismal 5 out of 10 in our assessment.

Uncertainty exists as to whether the Watch 2 and the Band 2 will be released concurrently with the new earphones; OnePlus may opt to introduce those at a different event. Currently, there is no information about pricing or availability outside of India, but maybe, later leaks will provide us with more details.


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