Gigabyte and Maingear have teamed up to provide simple PC builds


The cooperation provides a build that is practically “cable-free.”

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Gigabyte and Maingear have announced a collaboration to produce Project Stealth, a computer assembly kit designed to make PC building easier.

The assembly kit, which includes the Z690 Aorus Elite Stealth motherboard, RTX 3070 Gaming OC Stealth graphics card, and Aorus C300G Stealth case, combines the technologies of Gigabyte and Maingear to address the problems in assembling PCs.


All motherboard connectors, such as ATX power, CPU power, fans, USB, audio, front panel, and so on, are moved to the back of the motherboard, in contrast to the present arrangement, which places them in the front.

Due to the usual location of the motherboard connector, Gigabyte claims that the assembly kit will be especially useful for individuals who have problems with general cable management, inserting USB, audio, PSU connectors, and front panel headers.

Meanwhile, Maingear has its own device, the Stealth Gaming PC, which includes Project Stealth motherboard cable management. Each computer will be manufactured by hand and include DDR5 RAM and high-speed PCI-E Gen 4 NVMe storage.


The Future of PC Manufacturing

It’s no secret that PC construction is a highly technical and exact procedure that necessitates a thorough understanding of PC component placement as well as how to connect each component’s connections to the motherboard.

And, as Gigabyte pointed out, the fact that the motherboard ports are usually near the front makes the process even more difficult, given how complex computer wires can be to work with.

The Gigabyte and Maingear devices are two brilliant methods to make the process of assembling a PC considerably easier. If this proves to be a success, it might pave the way for other digital businesses to offer similar services.


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