Google has resolved the bothersome Google Maps dark mode bug with Android Auto


Turn away from the dark side.

image credits: daystech

It could be time to celebrate if you use Google Maps to guide you while driving because Google has finally resolved the bothersome Android Auto dark mode issue.

Android smartphone users may have observed that Google Maps always loaded in dark mode on Android Auto before the update was released. You had to navigate using a dark map even if your smartphone and personal settings were configured otherwise.


Now that Google Maps update 11.35.1 has covertly fixed the problem, all of you light mode enthusiasts can rejoice (source: Autoevolution(opens in new tab)). The same website also mentions that Google removed an official thread of users addressing the issue, potentially hinting that it has been resolved.

Being pushed into dark mode was a very minor annoyance, but if you depend on the service for a lengthy travel, the design may irritate you if you find it unattractive. Additionally, some people might find it simpler to read in light mode. Therefore, being forced into a different design can make individuals less comfortable when using an automobile.

If it hasn’t already, the update should roll out automatically to all Google Maps users over the next several days.


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