Google Meet has finally solved one of the most frustrating aspects of video conferencing


Google Meet makes it simple to share your video feed.

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A new update to Google Meet may soon put a stop to an all-too-common irritation with business video conversations.

The video conferencing service claims it has made it much easier to share your video feed, resulting in increased productivity and online collaboration for all users.


According to a Google Workspace update blog, the new change implies that launching online presentations or team meetings using Google Meet will soon be much less stressful and frustrating, and will also allow all participants to share their own video stream with everyone else.

Google Meet video sharing

The new feature is available in Google Meet’s Companion mode, which may be selected from the green room before joining a meeting. To begin sharing, simply click the “Turn on camera” option from the Meet toolbar after the user’s camera has been switched on.

The feature will be enabled by default and will not require any administrative permissions. It has already been rolling out to all Google Workspace clients, as well as traditional G Suite Basic and Business customers, according to Google.


Companion Mode was first offered in Google Meet in 2021 as part of an attempt to connect office-based workers in meeting rooms with their remote or hybrid working colleagues. The service aims to give all users access to Google Meet’s wide array of features and tools by allowing users to participate in video chats on a second screen.

The new update is the latest in a series of improvements for Google Meet, which appears to be a critical workplace tool for everyone. Before and during a video conference, users can use the new Meet settings menu to rapidly access features like background blur, background pictures, and styles.

A “leave empty call reminder” has also been added to Google Meet, which alerts users to leave a meeting if they are the only one who has joined it, potentially ending any awkward conversations.


Users will also be able to set up Google Meet breakout rooms in advance of their meetings using Google Calendar, which will allow moderators to divide participants into smaller groups during video conversations, perhaps resulting in more efficient meetings.

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