Here’s how Instagram creators may make money online


New subscriber-exclusive reels and posts are made available.

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A new ‘Subscribers’ option has been added to Instagram, allowing content producers to charge their followers for access to their unique material.

As Adam Mosseri explains in the video, “We want Instagram to be the best place online for artists to make a career,” Instagram is heading towards other ‘paid content’ platforms.


“In addition, Mosseri said, “sustainable revenue, since at the end of the day, if you’re a creative, you’re a company. Subscriptions are also an excellent method to build a steady stream of revenue.”

Subscribers will be allowed to charge a monthly fee to their subscribers and will have a ‘Subscriber home’ page on their profiles if they have joined up for the programme. Followers may access unique content and join up to be a subscriber by clicking the tab.

Only those with paying subscriptions may watch Instagram’s Stories and Live video, which were introduced in January. Subscribers who participated with postings back then could display a badge beside their names, just as they may now.


Reels and posts that are shared directly with subscribers will be marked with a “Subscriber” label in addition to the ability for users to participate in exclusive discussions, which may accommodate up to 30 subscribers at a time.

In the words of Mosseri, “This is simply one step on a much longer route to empower creative worldwide with a complete range of tools to be able to make a life online.”

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