I’m delighted Final Fantasy 16’s PS4 version was dropped


Allow space for the PS5

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One of the largest PS5 exclusives, Final Fantasy 16, may have also been available on the PS4 at the time, according to producer Naoki Yoshida.

Following the premiere of Final Fantasy 16’s most current teaser at Sony’s State of Play earlier this month, Yoshida recently spoke with Japanese outlet Famitsu about the game. Famitsu inquired about Yoshida’s thoughts about the reception to the FF16 announcement trailer in 2020, implying that it did better than anticipated. Yoshida said that the team adopted a new strategy at this point, mostly because a PS4 release was being discussed.


He verified the translation using Google Translate: “I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to increase the quality at the time because I was creating it with the intention of launching it on the PlayStation 4. There was one instance when I could have pre-rendered, but doing so would have wasted development man-hours, and I didn’t want to do that. This is because I wanted to separate what I could appreciate as a gaming experience and utilise it to create a trailer.”

The news that FF16’s PS4 version has been cancelled is not very shocking. Although the Japanese publisher is progressively transitioning to the current generation, Square Enix still has a number of cross-generational titles planned, including the newly revealed Crisis Core remake. Forspoken and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth are two significant PS5 platform exclusives that are presently under development.

It seems like Final Fantasy 16 will be a truly next-generation game

Yoshida has lately conducted more interviews on Final Fantasy 16 in addition to this one. The producer of FF16 spoke about the possibilities of the PS5 in an interview with PlayStation Blog. We could only create Final Fantasy 16 as an exhilarating rollercoaster ride because of the strength of the PlayStation 5 technology, he claimed. The producer also gave Sony’s newest system high marks for its graphics prowess and “super-fast loading times.”


His remarks on gaming, though, are what truly have me intrigued. The action in Final Fantasy 16 moves at a fast speed because you may transition instantly from real-time fights to story cutscenes and back again. I’m concerned that if Square Enix had chosen a last-gen release, it would be severely limited because it seems like a real next-gen experience.

Personally, I’m glad Square Enix abandoned their intentions for Final Fantasy 16 on the PS4. Please understand that while I support cross-gen releases, Sony’s older system is nine years old. Old hardware can only be used so much until it ultimately limits developers. It’s time to move on now that the PS5 has been out for almost two years and stock shortages are beginning to alleviate.

Final Fantasy 16 will not have its predecessor’s polarising open world.


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