In a Samsung app, the term Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro appears once more


Isn’t it time to say good-bye to the Classic?

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As the weeks pass, we’re learning more about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 – and references concealed in the current beta version of the Samsung Health app have revealed more about the wearables arriving later this year.

9to5Google(opens in new tab) identified these references, with the reference to the smartwatch’s Pro model being the most notable of the lot. There’s no mention of a Classic edition, so it looks like we’ll get a Galaxy Watch 5 and a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, with an August release date.


Previous rumours said that Samsung would produce three different Galaxy Watch 5 models: normal, classic, and pro, but we may only get two now. That ties in with another rumour that was circulating based on interactions with Samsung sources.

Good-bye, rotating bezel

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic could be the last wearable with such branding, according to the Samsung Health app beta, which also shows a list of compatible smartwatches. This could mark the end of another popular Galaxy Watch feature.

The rotating bezel on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is a convenient method to control apps and menus, but recent rumours claim it may be removed from the 2022 lineup. There’s nothing in these latest Samsung Health app beta findings to suggest otherwise, either.


All of this means that we’ll get a new Pro model this time, but some of the most helpful features will be removed from the lineup. At the very least, we can be comforted by the fact that battery life may be enhanced this time around.

Samsung is getting ready for the Pixel Watch, according to an analysis

Samsung’s flagship wearables are already in their sixth generation, and the company has a lot of experience making them. However, something about the 2022 launches is a little unusual, and that’s the impending arrival of the Google Pixel Watch.

Google has been attempting to take market share away from Samsung with phones like the Pixel 6 Pro while remaining cordial with the firm as one of its Android hardware partners. Now, as Google and Samsung compete in smartwatches, a similar scenario is forming.


Remember that with the Galaxy Watch 4 devices, Samsung returned to Wear OS, which means that Android users looking for a wristwatch will have to choose between Samsung and Google. Google will be hoping that this encourages Samsung to build even better Wear OS devices, which would benefit everyone in the end.

We don’t know when the Google Pixel Watch will be available for purchase, but October is a good guess. That allows Samsung a few months to make a good first impression with its own smartwatches before fresh competition appears.

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