“It’s important to get a strong result before the shutdown” – Sebastian Vettel


For Sebastian Vettel, a “good weekend” means scoring points in the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend. The four-time World Champion wants to enter the summer vacation with momentum.

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A “good result” in Hungary would give Sebastian Vettel confidence heading into the summer break, when he will decide whether or not to retire from racing. German driver Nico Rosberg almost missed out on a podium finish at the French Grand Prix when teammate Lance Stroll snatched tenth place. Sebastian Vettel, on the other hand, was left enraged by Stroll’s controversial cut across the front of his AMR22.

The Hungaroring, a track he describes as “tricky,” will be on his wish list for a less stressful weekend.


Getting a good finish in Hungary before the break is critical since it has established itself as a typical end-of-summer event. Everybody thinks of it as a low-speed track, yet there are some fast turns in its rear that need a lot of concentration. I’m looking forward to a nice weekend at the track, where we had a fantastic race last year and where I believe our vehicle will be at its best.

Lance Stroll: “We want to take more momentum into the summer”

“Greater momentum” is Stroll’s goal during the upcoming summer vacation following his 10th place performance in France. However, he’ll need to finish in the top half of the field this weekend in Hungary in order to achieve that goal.

Stroll “generally enjoys” racing at the Hungarian venue; however, played a part in a huge Turn One pile-up last season in wet conditions. Stroll will be trying to avoid a repeat of last season’s tragedy when the weather is expected to be similar on Sunday.


It’s important for the Canadian driver to have a “great” finish to the first half of the season so that the team can keep improving.

I’d love to conclude the season on a high note this weekend following a challenging first half. Great turns and a lively track make the Hungaroring a favourite of mine to drive on. A number of the bends are relentless and flow fast from one to the next, making it feel like a kart track. There is a lot of momentum building for us as the season progresses, and we want to maintain that into the summer break and beyond.


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