Joy-Con support for the Nintendo Switch is being added to Steam


Time to make some changes

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As part of the most recent beta update, Valve included support for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, thus broadening the selection of controllers that may be used with Steam.

The August Steam Client Beta community update article features a fairly brief list of updates, with Nintendo Switch Joy-Con compatibility at the top of the list. Not only does the article state that Joy-Con support for the Nintendo Switch has been enabled, it also adds that Joy-Cons may be used “both singly as a mini-gamepad and coupled into pairs.”


Only the Steam Client Beta has support at the time. In the “Account” area of the Steam settings menu, you can choose whether to participate in that. Since the beta was initially published on August 4, Valve re-uploaded it on August 5, presumably addressing any problems people had while attempting to connect their controllers.

What a thrill

Of course, not every owner of a Nintendo Switch like the little, delicate Joy-Cons. If you belong to that group or are now attempting to resolve Joy-Con drift, you’ll be relieved to learn that the more robust Nintendo Switch Pro controller received Steam compatibility back in 2018.

Even more recently than that, in fact, in June, Valve made the collection of Nintendo Switch Online classic controllers compatible with the Steam beta before making it available to all Steam users in July . The wireless controllers for the Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, NES, and SNES are included in this collection. As of the most recent beta version, these controllers will also receive “enhanced support.”


As a result, the official lineup of Nintendo Switch controllers are now supported by a very robust system on Steam. But if you have no interest in Nintendo controller compatibility at all, Steam’s controller support is extensive and covers, among other things, the DualSense wireless controller and the Xbox Elite wireless controller.

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