Kari Lake defeats Karrin Taylor Robson in the Arizona primary as Trump leads Pence


In the Arizona Republican primary for governor, Karrin Taylor Robson has been surpassed by Kari Lake, with more than 75% of the ballots counted.

image credits: azcentral

According to The New York Times live tracker, Lake had a slight lead over Robson with 45.4 to 45.1 percent of the vote.

After trailing for the majority of the time after votes opened on Tuesday, August 2, Lake took the lead early on Wednesday. She was down by nine points at the halfway point of the vote count.


As the results of the voting booths were tabulated, it appears that Lake made some headway in closing the gap. Robson was largely predicted to win in absentee ballots.

Many polls had Lake ahead of Robson by double digits, and she was expected to win the election.

Candidates for governor in the Republican Party have drawn national attention because they represent conflicting visions for the future of the Republican Party.


It’s a two-horse race: Donald Trump-endorsed Lake is in one corner, while Bernie Sanders-endorsed Sanders is in another.

Former Vice President Mike Pence and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey have backed Robson in the opposite camp.

As presiding officer of the Senate, Pence has no power to halt the certification of 2020 election results, which Trump criticised after the January 6 assault, even though Pence had no jurisdiction to do so.


For not overturning the conclusion of Arizona’s 2020 election, Trump has also regularly blasted Ducey.

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