Lance Reddick explains how Albert Wesker is alive


Dr. Albert Wesker’s development of the T-virus-infected pharmaceutical medicine and the cataclysmic effects it has on the world 14 years later are featured in Netflix’s new Resident Evil series. But there’s a hitch: Wesker died in 2009 following a struggle that concluded with him plunging into a volcano and then being hit by an explosion on top of it.

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However, in Episode 7, a 2005 flashback reveals exactly how Wesker is shown, despite his fiery death. Diabolic scientist Albert, Bert and Alby were cloned in a bunker in the Arklay mountains by the evil scientist himself. When Umbrella Corporation CEO Evelyn interrupts Wesker’s experiment with her soldiers, he tries to dispose of the evidence before escaping, murdering innocent Alby in the process.

According to Lance Reddick, the Albert we see in the show is a clone of Wesker, who was killed in the volcano in the original film. The actual Wesker, who is “still alive [at this point in time] in a bunker with his clones that he’s manufactured,” is the frightening, sunglasses-wearing guy in the flashback wearing the black trench coat.


If I’m good, then more of me must be better.'” When it comes to scientific advances, I believe I could do things better and faster,” Reddick says. To him, the world isn’t about changing; it’s about taking over the globe. Megalomaniac and psychopath: “The individual is completely insane.”

It was a simple decision for showrunner Andrew Dabb to employ clones to bring back Wesker.

Resident Evil has always had a significant role for clones. There were a lot of instances in which it suddenly dawned on me,” Dabb says. “First and foremost, it’s a means to bring Albert back, but with a somewhat different Albert.” Second, this drama is very much about parents and children, whether Albert and his daughters or Jade and her kid, but it’s also about the original Wesker and his children since they were raised by him.


Twins Albert’s children Jade and Billie are surprised to learn that their father is a clone when Bert pretends to be him and becomes aggressive over Olive Garden’s free breadsticks. They quickly come to the conclusion that their father is not who they had originally believed him to be.

When you go out of the room and say things like, ‘Oh my my, my dad was this dreadful man,’ they know who you are.” I’m a Hitler clone, just like my father was. ‘What kind of person am I?’ Billie and Jade, I believe, are dealing with the same issue. Albert, for example, would claim that he is not like his father in any way. After a while, it appears that he’s more like his father than we first imagined.”

To save his daughters, Albert sets off an explosion in the Umbrella research facility in order to prevent Billie from becoming infected with the T-virus.


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