Later this year, Chrome OS will gain Apple’s greatest video editor and more


Fast Pair and an app discovery service have also been added by Google.

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With all of the focus on the Google IO 2022 keynote, it’s understandable if you missed the second-day events, which featured a “What’s new in Chrome OS” keynote that showcased the system’s planned innovations.

Many of the future innovations are concentrated on improving interconnectivity between apps, devices, and Chrome OS under the theme “Better Together.” Be warned that nothing shown has a firm release date. All they mentioned was that it would come out “soon” or “later this year.”


The inclusion of Fast Pair, which allows you to connect compatible earbuds and headphones to Chrome OS with a single tap, is the first change on the list. Your earphones will appear in your Google account, where you can manage them and check their battery life.

Users of Chromebooks will be able to stream communication apps from their Android phones to their laptops. On Chrome OS, a new window will popup where you can use the app’s chat feature. To use this function, the phone must be running Android 13 or higher. The platform update is scheduled to go live in October 2022.

The Chrome OS launcher will also be less intrusive because it will no longer take up the entire screen, and its Search feature will have additional sorting options to make locating apps easier.


The inclusion of an app discoverer is the final important feature. To begin recommending apps, the service employs machine learning to study your interests and user behaviour. Furthermore, even if the instructions are not available on the Play Store, it will educate you how to correctly install the programme.

LumaFusion will be available on Chrome OS

Google announced near the end of the keynote that the critically regarded video editing tool LumaFusion will be coming to Chrome OS.

LumaFusion is TechRadar’s favourite photo editor, winning the iPad App of the Year award for 2021. LumaFusion’s popularity stems from the fact that it reworks traditionally complex features to make them more accessible.


LumaFusion allows users to process numerous 4K media files while also providing access to a variety of effects, colour correction tools, and audio mixing capabilities. It’s also a one-time payment rather than a membership, which Adobe requires for its Creative Cloud programmes, which includes Adobe Premiere Pro.

LumaFusion on Chrome OS does not yet have a release date, but we are excited to fall in love with the app on yet another platform.


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