Leaked Halo Infinite Forge footage makes us want customization


Activate the Forging Process

image credits: pcgamer

Our imaginations are racing after seeing a few leaked videos of Halo Infinite Forge mode.

Forge mode in Halo Infinite has yet to be released, which is a huge disappointment. Newly-released video clips appear to reveal potential writing features. A zombies mode a la Call of Duty is one possibility, while a gizmo that transforms your firearms into zombies is another.


Helioskrub, a YouTube user, posted two movies showcasing two very distinct uses for Halo Infinite Forge mode’s scripting capabilities. Halo Infinite’s Forge mode may be the most customisable ever, even though neither video shows it off in great detail.

Surviving the Spartans

Halo Infinite Forge mode’s first leaked footage depicts an ingeniously constructed window barrier. In Forge mode, a zombies survival game in the vein of Call of Duty would be viable, as Helioskrub points out.

Of course, this assumes that other players will be able to set up AI-controlled opponents against which you may test your mettle. However, it might also serve as a fresh take on Halo’s venerable Infection mode. For the most part, infected players are limited to using only melee weapons in Infection. Anyone infected by the virus dies if a survivor is slain.


Zombies mode developed in Forge for Halo’s legendary Flood monsters would be great. Unfortunately, the Flood, which resemble zombies, are absent from Halo Infinite. The Flood assets from Halo: The Master Chief Collection might be recycled for Halo Infinite provided the new Forge mode allows the deployment of AI-controlled characters.

Guns that are bigger and more powerful

As seen in the second video, the user may load their weapons into a functional ‘Pack-a-Punch’ machine. The player’s weaponry can be beefed up to match their campaign versions by depositing enough points (produced by a different button for testing reasons).

The campaign weaponry in Halo Infinite are far more potent than the ones featured in the multiplayer mode. Some amusing multiplayer battles involving Spartans igniting arenas with explosive guns may result from this.


As the designer points out, the Pack-a-Punch machine requires a lot of labour to put together. This is due to the fact that each weapon must have its own programming route in order to improve. You’d be looking at a big scripting project if you wanted to provide improvements to every weapon in the game.

An abundance of opportunity

The Forge mode displayed by the leaker in the aforementioned videos is likely a very early version of Halo Infinite. It’s prone to crashing, which we hope will be fixed when the final version gets out.

It is common practise for Forge mode maps to be produced in accordance with a “budget” structure. As a result, the number of items that may be placed on the map is strictly limited. Halo Infinite’s Forge mode, on the other hand, should be able to support a significantly bigger budget thanks to the Xbox Series X|S’s improved capabilities.


Unfortunately, there’s no word on when Halo Infinite will get Forge mode. Updates should be coming to the game soon enough. Preliminary gameplay footage suggests that the wait for Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op option was well worth it.

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