Micron’s new 3D NAND memory might usher in a new generation of SSDs with lightning speed


Micron introduces the “world’s most advanced” 3D NAND flash memory.

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Micron has stated that it has developed a 232-layer 3D NAND memory that will go into full production later this year.

The storage device, which Micron calls “the world’s most sophisticated NAND,” is made by splicing together two 3D NAND chips and has a capacity of 128GB (1Tb).


The business has not released performance figures for its 232-layer chip, but has hinted that it may outperform its current 3D NAND offerings, paving the way for faster and larger SSDs.

3D NAND memory with 232 layers

NAND flash is a form of non-volatile memory found in a wide range of storage devices, including memory cards, USB sticks, and portable drives, as well as SSDs for computers and servers.

The overall goal of NAND flash research is to lower the cost per capacity while increasing storage density, effectively removing the need for traditional hard disc drives.


Micron’s EVP of Technology Scott DeBoer revealed the following about the company’s ambitions for its new 232-layer 3D NAND device:

“To produce the world’s fastest managed NAND and both datacenter and client SSD devices, we honed the technology around what we require.”

“A significant feature of our vertical product integration focus has been the combination of controllers, both internal and external, to ensure that we have optimised NAND and controller technology for what we need to provide future leadership products.”


Micron claims that it is already collaborating closely with industry partners to ensure that its 232-layer device is adequately supported, which should speed up the creation of new drives based on the technology.

SSDs using the new 3D NAND memory are projected to hit the market in 2023.

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