Microsoft and Netflix will collaborate on the ad-tier membership


Because of this, Netflix is offering a lower-priced ad-supported plan as a way to entice users to stick around. The streaming platform has confirmed this, announcing that Microsoft will be its “global advertising technology and sales partner.”

image credits: bestmediainfo

“Microsoft has the demonstrated capacity to serve all of the advertising demands” while working on an ad-supported solution, Netflix COO and CPO Greg Peters stated in a news statement on Monday. “The ability to develop over time on both the technical and sales side” was another Microsoft selling point.

All Netflix adverts will be visible only on Microsoft’s platform, according to Mikhail Parakhin, Microsoft’s President of Web Experience. Netflix and premium linked TV material will be available to Microsoft’s advertisers, according to the company’s announcement.


The cooperation is still in its infancy and there is a lot of work to be done, according to the firms. They both said they were “eager to work together” on the new service, although they didn’t give a specific date.

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