Microsoft is nearly pleading with you to abandon Internet Explorer


Companies should establish their own internal IE retirement date ahead of June 15th, according to the software giant.

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With Internet Explorer’s legacy browser scheduled to be officially decommissioned on June 15, Microsoft is urging businesses to quit using it sooner rather than later.

Senior product manager for hardware Eric Van Aelstyn suggested that enterprises still using IE establish their own retirement date in a recent blog post on the software giant’s Tech Community page.


Although most consumers and businesses have switched to Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or other current browsers, some enterprises still use Internet Explorer to access certain websites. While Microsoft has regularly informed businesses that Internet Explorer will be phased out this year, not all firms have yet devised a plan to migrate to a new browser.

However, there is still time to shift away from Internet Explorer, and enterprises do not have to wait until June 15 to do so.

Putting an end to Internet Explorer once and for all

“Waiting for anything to happen may be frustrating, especially in complex IT environments,” writes Aelstyn in his blog post, which is why Microsoft is pushing enterprises to take action now by setting their own internal retirement date.


To prepare for the demise of Internet Explorer, employers should set up IE mode in Edge to allow their staff to access IE-dependent sites in the future.

They should also inform their users about the change and have them import their data at the same time. Copy and paste edge:/settings/importData into Edge’s address bar, then pick “Microsoft Internet Explorer” from the selection options under “Import from” from the drop-down menu.

Finally, on their internal retirement date, businesses should widely implement the Disable IE policy. Everything should work as usual in Edge’s IE mode, just in Microsoft’s modern browser rather than its outdated browser.


Even with these suggestions, June 15th could be a very busy day for enterprises who have not made adequate preparations for IE’s departure.

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