Motorola really seems not to care in keeping its smartphone launch plans a secret


A recently discovered roadmap lists releases until 2023.

image credits: phonearena

The majority of the time, smartphone manufacturers like to keep their future plans under wraps, therefore we seldom ever see launch roadmaps outlining a manufacturer’s intentions for almost the whole year. As if those leaked rollout plans from March that disclosed four of the company’s forthcoming devices weren’t enough, a more detailed leak now discloses releases even beyond 2022, proving that Motorola is clearly terrible at keeping its secrets.

There are no specific release dates at this moment, but leaker Evan Blass claims on 91mobiles that the lower-midrange Devon model, powered by the Snapdragon 680 processor, would be arriving “soon-ish.” The phone will have a 16.MP hole-punch selfie camera on top of a 6.49-inch LCD display. There will also be three cameras on the back: a 50MP primary camera, an 8MP wide-angle camera, and a 2MP depth camera. Internal memory can go up to 128GB, however RAM can only go as high as 6GB.


The next device is called Tundra, and it is rumoured to be a member of the Edge line. Because the phones in that series tend to be more expensive, features like a 144Hz curved FHD+ POLED display and the Snapdragon 888+ are appropriate. However, the model is anticipated to be a China-only offering, so when it debuts somewhere in the third quarter, don’t bank on it being offered in your region.

Both Maui and Victoria are anticipated to be entry-level and high-midrange models, with a third-quarter release date again being the most likely. The more affordable device will feature a 720p display, 3GB of RAM, and a 16MP+2MP+2MP camera configuration, whereas Victoria will have an FHD+ display, a more powerful 108MP primary camera, along with an 8MP wide-angle camera and a 2MP macro sensor.

Finally, Devon is slated to receive a 5G update near the end of 2022; the Snapdragon 680 would be replaced with a MediaTek processor capable of 5G, which we assume would be of the Dimensity brand. The majority of the other characteristics remain the same, however the 50MP primary camera will be replaced with a 64MP one, and its wide-angle camera will be completely eliminated.


Like most gadget manufacturers, Motorola will likely experience a slowdown in new product introductions during the Christmas season. But after that, in 2023, Moto ought to start producing new products, the most famous of which may be the Bronco and Canyon. Both are anticipated to be powered by Qualcomm’s next major processor, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, but Bronco will instead likely use the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 from this year. Surprisingly, Motorola’s renewed concern with pixels is evident in Bronco’s 60MP front camera, which outperforms the 50MP back cameras both it and Canyon will utilise. On the front of the Canyon, however, there will be a less powerful 16MP selfie camera.

Aside from all of these conventional phones, there are still a few Moto eccentrics in the works, including a foldable with a 144Hz display dubbed Juno and a rollable smartphone straight out of science fiction.


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