Myles Garrett: Browns will hold themselves to ‘highest standards’ no matter Deshaun Watson’s ruling


Despite the uncertainty surrounding quarterback Deshaun Watson, standout pass-rusher Myles Garrett insists that the team’s training camp will go on as scheduled.

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Before the Browns’ first training camp session on Wednesday, Garrett stated, “Doesn’t change, regardless of how the issue works itself out.” “We’re going to set the bar really high for ourselves,” the team declared.

Sue L. Robinson, a retired federal judge who serves as the NFL’s personal conduct code’s disciplinary officer, is currently evaluating whether Watson broke the rules. Lawsuits have been filed by 25 women accusing Watson of inappropriate sexual conduct during massages. Upon ruling that the petition had to be revised to include plaintiff’s name, one of the 25 cases was dismissed by the judge.


In June, Watson and 20 other plaintiffs reached an agreement to end their legal battles. There are still four claims pending, and they are scheduled to go to trial in the new year.

The NFL, the NFLPA, and Watson’s counsel argued for three days in late June in front of a three-judge panel that included Robinson. Although two Texas grand juries failed to indict Watson earlier this year, the NFL argued that he should face an indefinite ban of at least a full season. Watson has maintained his innocence throughout this ordeal.

Cleveland traded three first-round draught selections for Watson in March after a Harris County grand jury decided not to prosecute him for domestic violence. A new five-year, $230 million deal with full guarantee was then signed between Cleveland and Watson.


Regardless matter what Robinson chooses, Garrett said his expectations for the Browns, especially on defence, will stay the same.

No matter what happens, Garrett said, the defence will continue to do what it does. “If they don’t score points, [the opponent] can’t win…. Our best is always required on the defence. It doesn’t matter if he’s on the field or not; it doesn’t matter.”

Coach Kevin Stefanski stated Wednesday that Jacoby Brissett would be Cleveland’s starter if Watson is suspended, even though they signed 2018 first-round selection Josh Rosen only a few days prior to this announcement.


A year ago, the Browns signed Brissett, a starter for the 2019 Indianapolis Colts and a starter for the 2018 Miami Dolphins.

Watson and Brissett, according to Stefanski, will split time with the first team in training camp until Robinson makes a choice.

In terms of proportion, Stefanski says, “I wouldn’t get into like the precise amount,” but they’ll both receive a lot of exposure.


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