Next year BMW will switch from Linux to Android Automotive


It initially only applies to a select few models.

image credits: autotrader

Nowadays, Android Auto is undoubtedly used by the majority of Android phone owners, given, of course, that they have a vehicle that supports it. The difference between a car that genuinely runs on Android and one that simply projects your smartphone’s screen onto the built-in display is significant, and that’s where Android Automotive comes in. Over the past several years, more cars have started to use Google’s entire operating system, and beginning in 2023, BMW will be the newest manufacturer to join the list.

This week, BMW announced that a portion of its next models would utilise a new iteration of its proprietary operating system that is built on top of Android Automotive. Although the business claims some of its cars would continue to run on the old build, it is a significant difference from earlier Linux-based versions. The manufacturer hasn’t yet said which of its vehicles will receive automotive assistance, but that work won’t start until March 2023.


The adaptability and customizability of the automotive industry are its main selling points for automobile manufacturers. It’s unlikely that you’ll notice these BMW automobiles running Android right away, except from a few built-in Google applications like Assistant, Maps, and the Play Store. Instead, the business will probably rely on a skin to make the experience seem more in line with earlier cars and that Linux-based OS that the business wants to keep improving.

It’s BMW’s most recent collaboration, after the business first took its time collaborating with firms like Google. It was the last big automaker to refuse to embrace Auto, releasing the feature to cars only in the summer of 2020 after years of supporting CarPlay. Just two years after that disaster was resolved, Google announced a shift to automotive, indicating a much stronger cooperation with the company in the future. However, because supported models are still more than a year away, we’ll have to wait a little longer for more specific information.


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