Nintendo Switch PSA advises against playing in heat


Everyone, even Nintendo, is in agreement: it’s just too hot outside. As a result, the company has taken the unusual step of tweeting out a PSA to discourage Nintendo Switch players from taking their systems outside.

image credits: gameinformer

The mobility of the Nintendo Switch makes it ideal for lazy afternoons spent playing video games outside in the fresh air. Nintendo, on the other hand, has been eager to dispel that perception while the global heatwave rages on.

The corporation issued a public service announcement (PSA) via its official Japanese Twitter account, which approximately translates as follows:


“Nintendo Switch’s temperature might rise if used in a region with high humidity or heat. Temperatures between 5°C and 35°C (41–95F) are ideal for using the console.

“Also, the console might get too hot if the air intake and exhaust ports are blocked. The area around these vents has to be well ventilated.

Switch can’t handle it

Switch users all across the world should pay heed to Nintendo’s PSA, which is directed at its Japanese audience. As a result of sweltering temperatures, the general populace throughout the world is enduring.


Next week, New York City might see highs of 94°F (34°C). In London, where temperatures may soar to a scorching 97°F (36°C), the situation is identical. Temperatures in Tokyo have also recently reached similar levels, which may have prompted Nintendo to issue the warning.

In hot conditions, your Nintendo Switch console isn’t certain to be damaged, but its internal components may be affected. Because your Switch will shut down automatically if it gets too hot, it’s better to avoid letting it come to that stage in the first place.


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