Now available is Android 13 Beta 3.3, which includes a late batch of issue updates for Pixel phones


It fixes problems with Wi-Fi, keyboards, gestures, and other things.

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The third beta of Android 13 signalled dev platform stability for this year’s upgrade, but it doesn’t mean there haven’t been any issues. While Android previews have generally been smooth sailing, a late-day launch followed by two consecutive bug repair updates—the most we’ve seen so far for this year’s beta program—marked a difficult patch. Google has released a third wave of changes for its current version while we wait for the release of Beta 4 in the coming weeks.

Like its predecessors, Android 13 Beta 3.3 is concentrated on fixing certain significant flaws that couldn’t wait for a mainline beta release. None of the issues listed in today’s changelog are as annoying as Google’s current Wi-Fi glitch, which stopped certain devices from connecting to accessible networks, despite the fact that a few of them are consequential. That’s about as awful as a problem can get, especially if your Pixel is beta-friendly and you have a data cap on your cellular plan.


Other changes include odd interactions between the keyboard and the app drawer, crashes caused by certain movements, such as the back swipe, BluetoothManagerService’s role in sluggish app and Android performance, and more.

The entire list of bug fixes is provided below.

  • Fixed a problem with the Pixel launcher where, if the Always display Keyboard option was selected for the app drawer, the keyboard would mistakenly appear after the user closed the app drawer and opened an app folder on the Home screen.
  • Fixed a problem where, occasionally, the system UI crashed when you gestured to go back.
  • fixed a bug that prevented devices from connecting to a WiFi network even when the network was accessible and the signal was strong.

  • Fixed a BluetoothManagerService problem that caused sluggish performance and cold app launches.

  • Fixed a problem where, occasionally, a device would stop responding until it was restarted after being plugged in to charge (for instance, overnight).

  • The lib/list debug.c problem that led to a kernel panic on some devices has been fixed.

  • Fixed a problem with the Connectivity Thermal Power Manager that occasionally resulted in poor battery performance, a sluggish display of the user interface, and unresponsive apps.

There’s always a chance that a few minute adjustments slipped into Android 13 Beta 3.3, which we’ll note when we find them. If not, you may download the OTA files from Google’s download page for your device or wait for the update to arrive on your phone in the next few hours.


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