Now available unlocked is the unexpectedly decent OnePlus Nord N20 5G


It costs $300 today and is offered via OnePlus, Amazon, and Best Buy.

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One of my current favourite phones is now available outside of carrier shops. OnePlus informs us that the Nord N20 5G is now available unlocked for $300 through its own shop, Amazon, and Best Buy, despite the fact that the company’s announcement appears to have significantly before actual retail availability.

If you didn’t hear, the N20 5G debuted in April to little fanfare. When all we had were the specs, the phone sounded good, running Android 2020, and having the customary extra back cameras. But even the features that were individually unimpressive worked well together. The Nord N20 5G has established itself as one of my favourite phones so far this year, despite the fact that I didn’t like for the Nord N10 5G that came before it (and I’m usually sceptical of OnePlus’s recent path). For a very affordable price, it has a nice screen, surprising performance, and a long battery life. In addition, you have unanticipated flagship-level features like a fingerprint sensor in the display and quick charging.


The OnePlus N20 5G was initially exclusively offered through T-Mobile in the US, which was the only true downside in addition to the subpar camera and plastic chassis. The phone’s primary issue has been resolved as of today, so you can soon expect a long-term update to our review.

According to OnePlus, the phone’s unlocked model works on 5G networks from T-Mobile, Metro, Google Fi, Mint Mobile, Ultra Mobile, Simple Mobile, and Telus. It works with AT&T and connected MVNOs like Cricket, but you can only connect to 4G. Starting today, the phone will also be offered via Mint Mobile.

It looks like OnePlus made this statement a little before the device would really be available in stores. OnePlus’ shop, Amazon, and Best Buy are supposed to carry the N20 5G unlocked version today, however as of the time of writing, none of those stores appear to have it. The website for OnePlus still displays “Buy at T-Mobile,” and a straight listing yields a 404 error. Listings should likely be online soon.


I strongly advise you to check into the N20 5G if you’re on a tight budget or just don’t feel like spending a lot of money on your new smartphone. Even though I regularly criticise OnePlus, this phone is fantastic and a fantastic value. Now that it’s accessible outside of T-Mobile, it is without a doubt my top pick for a smartphone that costs around $300. It should quickly establish itself as among the top low-cost Android phones of 2022.

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