Playable D&D monster versions of Elden Ring’s toughest enemies exist


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The most notorious bosses from Elden Ring have been adapted for D&D thanks to a fan who produced a collection of comprehensive monster stat blocks based on the action RPG by FromSoftware.

Six of the game’s demigods, a collection of formidable bosses, have been transformed by an Elden Ring fan into playable tabletop monsters, replete with stat blocks that correspond to their in-game powers and attacks. Malenia, Godrick, Radahn, Mohg, Rykard, and Morgott each have pages on Reddit built by user u/Yrolc95(opens in new tab) with combat-ready stats, actions, and skills.


Malenia, for instance, can leap into the air and unleash four cutting attacks while sprinting ahead with her Waterfowl Dance. While two Legendary Actions, Quick Charge and Quick Retreat, resemble her agile fighting style, her passive Draining Attack ability allows her to regenerate HP from melee attacks.

Similar to how the video game’s boss battle was structured, Rykard’s God-devouring Serpent follows suit. He can completely devour players, has a variety of Resistances and Immunities, and is encircled by a magma pit. Despite being the weakest of the monsters, Godrick the Grafted is nonetheless able to affix a complete dragon’s head to his amputated limbs.

Even the second phases of the Elden Ring bosses have been modelled after in the D&D stat blocks. Malenia will have access to two new Mythic Actions if her HP is reduced to zero: Phantom Spirits, which allows you to create four spectral clones of her, and Scarlet Aeonia, which allows her to divebomb enemies before spawning a massive bursting flower.


While we can’t testify for the balance of the stat blocks—some of the attack damage seems a little excessive to our eyes—they’re undoubtedly a heartfelt homage to some of the Elden Ring monsters who have grown to be some of the most recognisable. The distribution of the ability scores for u/Yrolc95 is intriguing in and of itself. Starscourge Radahn received a score of 20, while poor Grodrick received only a 10.


There is no scarcity of fan-made material for Elden Ring. Players started creating miniature Pot Boys to honour the anthropomorphic amphora shortly after the game’s debut. Not to mention the countless Elden Ring mods that have surfaced in the recent months.

Others have used creative strategies to play the game, like one devoted fan who connected a real harp as a controller. They were able to defeat Margit, the Fell Omen by simply pulling on their instrument’s strings, hence it was successful.


However, D&D adaptations could be the most natural. Eldern Ring is ideally suited to be combined with the traditional tabletop RPG because of its expansive fantasy universe and reams of esoteric lore. When you can teach Morgott what’s for in the theatre of the imagination, why settle for defeating him in the video game?

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