Pre-orders for the M2 MacBook Air have already slipped over three weeks


Including a few colours and models

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Pre-orders for Apple’s M2 MacBook Air are already being accepted, and as we previously anticipated, there will likely be a rush to get the new laptop.

In fact, several of the new MacBook Air models already had their ship dates pushed back to 2-3 weeks, or even farther in certain cases, even though pre-orders have just been available for a few hours.


Apple stated that the M2 MacBook Air will begin delivering on July 15, however right now in the US, if you want the entry-level and higher-end laptops (with 10-core GPU), you’ll need to wait 1-2 weeks for it to arrive (maybe until July 29).

The entry-level MacBook Air in starlight or silver is the same. However, if you want the more expensive silver Air, expect to wait two to three weeks. The shipment date for the other models, which we haven’t disclosed, is July 14, which is one day sooner than expected.

If you wish to update your RAM or storage, things get more difficult and, in most situations, take longer. If you add any system RAM or SSD upgrades, any of the midnight, starlight, or space grey colours that were scheduled to arrive on July 14 will now ship between two and four weeks later. Additionally, updating will move this back to 2-3 weeks for models whose default turnaround time is 1-2 weeks.


The silver MacBook Air is an exception; regardless of the RAM or storage you choose, you can upgrade the base model and the dispatch date will remain the same. It’s interesting to note that upgrading any of those components on the more expensive silver Air cuts the shipment delay from 2-3 weeks to 1-2 weeks. Although this is true as of this writing, it may change as additional pre-orders come in. This is the only instance in which upgrading reduces your wait time.

The entry-level and higher-end versions in the midnight colour will now ship in the UK from August 2 to August 9, while the silver models will ship from July 19 to July 26. The other colours are still expected to ship on July 15.

Except for the entry-level space grey MacBook Air, which you may upgrade without delaying the anticipated July 15 release date, upgrading the RAM or storage puts things back to July 25 to August 1.


The only other exception is the improved midnight models, which, from August 1 to August 8, actually ship a day sooner. (However, if you choose the 16GB/1TB higher-end midnight Air, which has the longest shipment delay of all, not delivering until August 9 to August 16 – ouch, there’s another difference here.)

Analysis: There are other stores than Apple…

As previously noted, we made an educated assumption that there would be a rush for some models, and this is before we even know if the entry-level M2 MacBook Air model with the bare minimum of storage has the same SSD design flaw as the M2-equipped MacBook Pro.

The fact that certain models have been released so far, so soon is probably a bit of an eye-opener, but this is not surprising considering the recent talk about MacBook production problems or the wait for the updated MacBook Air to go on pre-order after it was announced at WWDC a month ago.


All of this means that laying your claim to a notebook now is definitely worthwhile if you want a MacBook Air with an M2 processor and want the laptop to arrive in a timely way. Of course, you don’t have to shop directly from Apple, so we’ve compiled a list of the best online merchants where you can place a pre-order in case you want to obtain a model with a more problematic delivery schedule at a later release date.

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