Renders for the OnePlus 10T show a familiar design with some value features


The device may replace the OnePlus 10 that is no longer available.

image credits: xdadevelopers

To put it gently, the strategy OnePlus has adopted with its current 10-series of smartphones is a little unclear. Since the OnePlus 7 series, we’ve had a Pro flagship alongside a less expensive non-Pro model, but with the sole release of the OnePlus 10 Pro, that has changed. The 10R was introduced, but what about a basic OP10 model? When the initial OnePlus 10T rumours appeared, it seemed as though we would finally be getting some answers. While the moniker isn’t quite what we were anticipating, it has felt as like this device might actually be the OnePlus 10 that was never released. In order to offer us a somewhat better view of this hardware, several new renderings have now come.

In partnership with OnLeaks, Smartprix has made a variety of renderings of the next gadget available, revealing its whole design and showcasing it from every aspect imaginable. The uncanny similarity to the OnePlus 10 Pro from the rear, with a massive and prominent camera package that seems to flow over the edge, is likely the first thing you’ll notice. The two versions appear to be offered together when placed side by side.


However, the front is a different story and loses part of that luxury feel, perhaps in an effort to lower the price. The Pro model also had a chin at the bottom, but it appears to have expanded a tiny bit, and the screen is no longer curved at the sides. Additionally, the selfie camera has been moved from the top-left to the top-middle.

The alert slider, once a OnePlus mainstay, is no longer present—a trend we’ve seen has emerged on the company’s most affordable models. The OnePlus 10T has chosen a plastic frame and glass back combination in order to keep costs down, according to OnLeaks. Although the images depict the gadget in black and green colour schemes, the actual possibilities will likely be revealed when the launch draws closer.


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