Stranger Things helps Netflix in more ways than one – Here’s how


It is estimated that in-movie advertisements and video games are worth billions of dollars.
Since the beginning of the year, Netflix’s membership base has decreased. Such a decline is not inevitable, but it is expected to persist since the public has too many options.

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Netflix, on the other hand, has been savvy enough to expand its reach while simultaneously reducing its viewing base. Streaming smash Stranger Things is a good example of this. Netflix saw a winner in it around the start of its first season in 2016. Around the second season of the show, in 2017, the platform appears to have given the go-ahead for the creation of a Stranger Things mobile game. Netflix just officially entered the mobile gaming market in November 2021, by the way.

So far the streaming service has generated millions of downloads because to Stranger Things 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game. Games based on Netflix’s original IP are clearly in demand.


The most popular mobile game on Netflix is Stranger Things: 1984.

“There are presently 49 game applications available on Netflix, with 24 available for Android and 25 available for iOS. This is a serious endeavour, not an egotistical one. Almost every single one of them has over 100,000 cumulative downloads. More than a million people have already downloaded some of the games linked to Stranger Things.”

For Android users, Netflix Stranger Things: 1984, Stranger Things 3: The Game, and Netflix Exploding Kittens took the top spots, while Netflix Stranger Things: 1984, Netflix Exploding Kittens, and Netflix Asphalt Xtreme topped the charts on Apple’s mobile operating system, reports the blog.

In addition to gaming, Stranger Things has brought in money for the service. It’s possible that product placement is also bringing in millions of dollars for the show. Stranger Things 4’s first seven episodes have featured 140 commercial placements, according to product placement monitors. According to a business that analyses movie and web series placements, Stranger Things season three’s advertising worth is $15 million. The fourth season is predicted to have higher numbers. As a result of their appearance on the show, celebrities may expect to get $25 million in free exposure. That’s a lot of money.


Netflix appears to be getting its act together as gaming, advertising, and conventional streaming all come together, but the race is far from finished. Competition is presently sluggish. Game production and streaming have become increasingly intertwined, with Amazon Prime delivering both original shows and games like Lost Ark. Netflix has its work cut out for it, there’s no denying it. It’s becoming a little easier thanks to shows like Stranger Things.

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