The Google Pixel Watch was unveiled in secret, and it appears that the rumours were correct


It took barely eight years.

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The Google Pixel Watch is now official, after years of leaks and rumours — albeit we still don’t know everything about it.

At Google IO 2022, Google teased the watch, confirming the name and revealing a design that we’ve already seen a few times thanks to leaks.


But this official image is the clearest we’ve seen yet, with a circular screen, a recycled stainless steel body, a haptic crown, and adjustable bands that the firm claims will fit together flawlessly.

The Google Pixel Watch unquestionably looks fantastic, but what’s going on behind the hood – particularly the Fitbit integrations – may be more interesting.

It’s the first Wear OS gadget to have Fitbit technology, which appears to enable the majority of the device’s health and fitness features, like as heart rate and sleep tracking, activity zone minutes, and the ability to track your progress against personal fitness goals. This Fitbit connection, according to Google, enables for industry-leading health and fitness capabilities, although it remains to be seen whether this will be the case.


Of course, Wear OS is also available on the Pixel Watch, and Google claims that the software has been upgraded and will allow for more fluid interactions.

You’ll be able to make contactless payments with the new Google Wallet app, access Google Assistant and Google Maps without your phone, and control your smart home via Google Home on the watch, so you can, for example, turn on the lights or adjust the thermostat from your wrist, according to the company.

We’re sure there’s a lot more to the Pixel Watch, and Google didn’t mention battery life, processor performance, or price. All of this will be revealed later this year, when the wearable is debuted alongside the Google Pixel 7. (which was also teased). According to Google’s regular schedule, this will most likely happen around October.


Finally, analysis Wear OS has an Apple Watch rival

We’ve been waiting eight years for Google to release hardware to go with Android Wear (the software that would become Wear OS), but it’s finally happened – or will happen later this year.

Instead of relying solely on other device makers to make the most of Wear OS, the Pixel Watch can serve as an official canvas for the software, demonstrating it as Google intended.

It’s the Wear OS version of the Apple Watch, and with what appears to be a premium appearance and Fitbit’s fitness capabilities, it might give the Apple Watch 8 a run for its money.


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