The PSVR 2 appears to be the most effective VR to date


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Sony’s PlayStation VR 2 has unveiled its first non-promotional image, showcasing how sleek the next VR gear actually is.

A PSVR 2 system was posted online by developer Bit Planet Games. The image has subsequently been reuploaded to Reddit, despite the studio’s prompt deletion of the post, which was probably done for violating an internal NDA with Sony.


The headgear is displayed alongside two PSVR 2 Sense controllers, which are intended to take the role of the Move gamepads from the original system. Additionally, there are two opaque plastic bags that appear to be approximately the proper size to hold controller wrist bands or a USB charging cord.

Slim and thin

Even while the image doesn’t really show the VR headgear in use, it makes it clearer which way Sony is going with the future system. The PSVR 2 appears to be a fairly portable product that is equally as sleek and elegant as its predecessor.

The PlayStation Move batons may be more substantial, but the Sense controllers are by no means bulky. Even its plastic wrapping orbs appear to be rather thin, and despite having better specifications, the headset itself doesn’t seem to be any larger than the original PSVR.


However, the PSVR 2 is anticipated to weigh less than 600g, making it lighter than its predecessor. This places it slightly above the half-kilogram Oculus Quest 2 (formerly known as the Meta Quest 2) but much below the 800g Valve Index.

The PSVR 2 appears to be a perfectly portable VR system with a tiny form factor as a result of all of this. This is wonderful news for anyone who intends to move the system around their home or was concerned that Sony would make the PS6 as large as the PS5. Things are looking bright for the PSVR 2 with the addition of the rumours that it will be backwards compatible.

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