The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could be dethroned by a secret third Google Pixel 7 variant


Is there a Pixel 7 Ultra? What is a Pro Max?

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We thought we’d seen everything when the Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro were teased during the company’s annual Google IO conference keynote speech – after all, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro were the only members of the series (not including the spin-off Pixel 6a).

However, we could be mistaken, as rumours suggest that there is a third member of the line. 9to5 Google(opens in new tab) has discovered Google code that refers to a model with the tag G10 – the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro have already been linked to the tags C10 and P10, so it’s not one of those, and the Pixel 7a and an other unnamed Pixel phone are known as


So this G10 phone is something altogether different, and certain specifications have been attached to it, making it seem quite nice. It’ll reportedly contain a Tensor chipset, a 120Hz screen refresh rate, and a 1440 x 3200 resolution, as well as specs that indicate it’ll be a phone rather than a tablet.

The code makes it seem like a Pixel 7 smartphone, and the specifications suggest it’s closer to the Pro model than the basic one. Our money is on this being a high-end version of the Pro model – many firms offer Pro Plus or Ultra versions of their flagships, and this might be Google’s version of that.

This is the first leak or rumour about a high-end Google smartphone, so we’ll have to wait and see what additional leakers and analysts have to say, but if this phone is true, it might spell disaster for Samsung.


Analysis: a genuine Galaxy S22 Ultra competitor

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is at the top of our list of best smartphones for a reason: it boasts a luxury design, plenty of power, and outstanding cameras.

When top-end smartphones are released, we often compare them to it, labelling them S22 Ultra competitors based on their appearance or price, but Google is one of the few firms that has a realistic possibility of displacing Samsung from the top rank.

That’s because Google has a history of producing excellent camera phones, thanks to its AI processing, which is amazing for scene optimization. The Galaxy S22 Ultra merely has more cameras and a few extra functions, which is why the Google Pixel 6 Pro doesn’t beat it.


If a Google Pixel 7 Ultra was released with a larger camera array, it might definitely give the Galaxy S22 Ultra a run for its money in terms of photography, making it a strong challenger for our top slot. Plus, Google could bring some capabilities that even Samsung doesn’t have, such as a macro mode and customizable AI settings.

Sure, the phone would have to be good in other areas as well, which means the Pixel 6’s software issues would have to leave, but the 6 series currently ranks very high in our ‘best phone’ list.

So, if a Google Pixel 7 Ultra exists, it has a chance to do what the iPhone 13 Pro, OnePlus 10 Pro, and Xiaomi 12 Pro have failed to do: dethrone the S22 Ultra.


Why would I buy the Google Pixel 6 now that I’ve seen the Pixel 7?

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