The space battle in Starfield is modelled by a well independent game


Take on the power

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We now have a clear picture of how that works thanks to in-game footage from Bethesda’s upcoming science fiction role-playing game Starfield, which draws influence from the well-known independent spacecraft game FTL.

Starfield’s space combat, which was influenced by the independent game, involves rerouting power to your ship’s various subsystems while it is in flight. To keep your ship’s weaponry and systems operational, you’ll be switching power between different modules, the game’s director Todd Howard told IGN(opens in new tab) earlier in June.


Howard remarked, “Your ship has a number of power systems.”

“In terms of how much power to put into your engines, shields, and three separate weapon systems, the grav drive is what allows you to leap and escape out of some circumstances that you have to put power into,”

The recent Starfield gameplay sample revealed during Summer Game Fest’s Xbox and Bethesda Showcase looks to highlight precisely how that power play functions in the game, as noted on Reddit(opens in new tab). A panel on the left side of the screen in the cockpit view shows what appears to be numerous ship components, each with a power gauge.


Bypass the compressor

Along with three other modules, LAS, BAL, and MSL, the power of the engines, shield, and grav drives are all visible. These could include missiles, ballistics, and lasers. It appears like you will be able to switch between them with the D-pad, giving you the option to either feed power to the modules in little amounts or at a high output.

Space simulations now all use the same power management mechanics. A similar management mechanism exists in Elite: Dangerous that enables you to prioritise power output to particular ship modules, dispersing it around damaged parts and power shortages. We still don’t know if Starfield will have a reactive system like that.

There will be more similarities between Starfield and FTL than just power management. Additionally, you’ll be able to board hostile ships, but this action requires a little more manual labour than the indie game’s automatic battles did.


Other ships can be boarded, docked with, and disabled, according to Howard. There are missions that include that, in fact. You can smuggle the vessel. There is conversation in space, you may visit star stations, and there is smuggling. Everything that we would desire.

In another part of the conversation, Howard said that the space warfare in Starfield was also influenced by the robot-fighting video game MechWarrior. Instead of being inspired by any “twitchy dogfighter,” he claimed that the development team took inspiration from the slower pacing of the game when it comes to building power systems and being able to precisely line up bullets.

Also intriguing is Howard’s suggestion of a grav drive. We already know that Starfield will have some type of faster-than-light travel, but the idea of activating your ship’s drive means you will be able to enter hyperspace in the middle of a battle. At any time, you may be travelling at light speed.


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