The Xbox Live bug in Season 3 is being fixed by Warzone developers


To play the game, you don’t need Xbox Live Gold.

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Raven Software has revealed that it is looking into a glitch in Call of Duty Warzone that is preventing certain players from logging in after the game’s third season of content was released.

Some Xbox gamers have reported being unable to log into Warzone Season 3 without an active Xbox Live Gold membership since the game’s release. When they try to join a multiplayer game, they get an error message saying they can’t participate because they don’t have an active Xbox Live subscription.


The Call of Duty title, like other free-to-play Xbox games, didn’t previously need players to have an active Xbox Live Gold membership to enjoy its multiplayer mode.

Raven Software, the game’s developer, has finally admitted that it is working to resolve the Warzone Season 3 issue. “We’re looking into an issue where Xbox Live Silver subscribers can’t play Warzone,” the developer tweeted, linked to a post on its public Trello board that lists all of the issues it’s presently working to fix.

Xbox Live Silver, often known as Xbox Live Free, is a stripped-down version of Xbox’s premium subscription service. If you’re having trouble logging into Warzone and getting a message that your profile can’t connect without an Xbox Live membership, you’re probably an Xbox Live Silver user who’s been hit by this bug.


Raven hasn’t specified when it expects the fault to be fixed, but the fact that it’s acknowledged is a good sign that the developers are working on it.

Weapon nerfs

The launch of Warzone Season 3 has also brought up a few more difficulties. The Legendary Ancestral Spirit Daniel Skin, according to Raven’s Trello board, will cause players’ “vision to be obscured in-game.” Contracts for solitary players have also been temporarily prohibited as the developer investigates an unspecified issue.

The free-to-play battle royale has undergone some significant alterations as a result of the update. The most notable of these is a reduction in the efficiency of sniper rifles. Many sniper rifles will now only be able to one-shot practically any target up to a maximum distance of 90 metres, and others will not be able to do so at all. Raven explained that the nerf was implemented to add some variety to the weaponry.


Snipers can now use damage ranges to define their one-shot potential, according to the developer. “This not only gives each weapon more personality, but it also implies that attachments that give the lighter and faster sniper rifles the Damage Range stat will improve their ability to one-shot at longer ranges.

“Our ultimate goal is to enable a larger diversity of viable playstyles and to fully exploit each weapon’s potential.”


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