Traditional Mooncake Recipe | Simple and Fast With Favorite Fillings


Every nation has some traditional dishes or recipes that are enjoyed at particular occasions. One of the most well-known foods in China, particularly during the mid-autumn festival, is mooncake. Many individuals in the nation love this festive cuisine from various places.

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On the 15th of August in the Chinese lunar calendar, the holiday is observed. Instead of looking for bakeries, would you want to try creating mooncakes at your location? If so, this article is for you since we’ll explain how to create mooncakes the best and simplest method possible so you may serve them at the occasion.

Start by looking at the recipe below, which we have found to be the simplest.


Why Is Learning How To Make Mooncakes At Home Important?

You should need to know why you do this before you can learn how to create wonderful mooncakes at home. There are undoubtedly many producers on the market. But have you ever observed how mooncake prices increase on busy days?

This frequently occurs since the cost of this delectable dessert increases at the start of August. Everyone wants to buy these cakes for their homes to enjoy with their families, which is the reason.

Additionally, it has been noted that mooncakes have developed into a customary gift to give friends and family on the eve of this occasion. As a result, it is typical to see a change in the mooncake’s price.


However, the price of the ingredients is not as high as the costs. This is why you could be tempted to bake these cakes at home in order to feed yourself while saving money. You can also get tired of eating the same mooncakes from the same bakers.

In this situation, you can be searching for a better and distinct flavour to appreciate this occasion. This is the point at which you will decide whether to look for the mooncake recipe and prepare these cakes at home. In contrast to the manufacturer’s made cakes from the day before, you may also enjoy the fresh cake.

Components Of A Mooncake

Making a list of the components you’ll need to prepare mooncake is the first step. You may employ a variety of delectable foods in this situation. Everyone might not be able to select all of those elements.


Therefore, we’ve mentioned some of the fundamental and essential materials you should have on hand before cooking these cakes. The list of ingredients you need to have on hand for this project is provided below.

  • Golden nectar
  • Leach water
  • Plant-based oil
  • White flour

By utilising certain well-liked fillings, these components assist to keep the cakes tasty and ready to offer. Yes, before presenting the cakes to anyone, specific fillings must be used to enhance their flavour.

Famous Mooncake Fillings

It is typical to select the fillings for mooncakes based on a person’s personality or preferences. Remember that not everyone has the same preferences or personality. To acquire a better flavour and present them to everyone, it would be advisable to pick some well-liked fillings to put inside your classic mooncake.


Among the most popular fillings for mooncakes are mixed nuts, red beans, green tea, and lotus seed. Any of these ingredients may be prepared and used to fill mooncakes so that you can eat a wonderful treat.

Which filling you want will all rely on your preferences and financial constraints. However, 90% of Chinese citizens prefer all of these things. So, if you’re seeking for an appropriate filling for your cakes, feel free to select any of these without any hesitation.

How Can I Make Delicious Mooncakes?

Mooncake preparation and baking should involve a few actions that you must take. To achieve better results, it would be preferable to do each step separately. You should carefully study the instructions because a small error may alter the flavour of your finished product.


1. Make the dough

It is both the first and most crucial phase in this procedure. You shouldn’t be able to achieve a beautiful look and flavour for your cakes without producing correct dough. Therefore, it would be beneficial if you exercised caution when creating the dough for your mooncakes.

You must adhere to these instructions in order to create excellent dough.

  • Get the right amount of lye water, vegetable oil, and golden syrup.
  • Mix the aforementioned components.
  • Grab some flour, then sift it.
  • Mix the flour into the ingredients above using a fork or spoon.
  • Wrap the dough.
  • Prepare the dough in the refrigerator, then let it there for at least 30 minutes.

Note: Take caution when creating dough since excessive stirring will result in soft dough rather than ideal dough. It won’t enable you to obtain a superior and more ideal flavour from your cakes.


2. Prepare the filling

You may begin assembling the filling once your dough is finished or placed in the refrigerator. How to prepare the filling depends on what it is. So, you might claim that there isn’t a standard procedure to adhere to and discuss here.

However, it would be beneficial if you kept in mind that the filling needs to be made with great care and that certain components need to be mixed properly. Your cake will taste awful if you have included some components in excess.

As a result, you should either taste it or prepare the contents for your mooncakes using the best method.


3. Create a mooncake

It is now time to gently fill the cakes with the prepared ingredients. Remember that the contents should be larger than the cake’s crust. You won’t be able to put together the delectable mooncakes if you don’t concentrate on the ratio of dough to fillings.

For optimum flavour, it would be best to preserve 1 part of the pastry and 2 parts of the filling. Additionally, while handling fillings, make gentle motions to avoid breaking the pastry and ruining the aesthetic appeal.

4. Baking and moulding

The cakes must be correctly moulded at the last step if you want the nicest form possible from them. When you’ve finished, use the oven to prepare the cakes for serving. Remember that for optimal baking, the oven should be heated to around 175 degrees Celsius.



You may make the nicest mooncakes for your occasion by following the simple recipe and the aforementioned procedures. If you find it difficult to accomplish this, you may alternatively buy it from a reputable bread garden business. The well-baked cakes and mouthwatering flavours make this producer the ideal choice.

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