UFC: Piera Rodriguez has handled her nerves in prep for fight with Sam Hughes


Commerce, CA – It has been announced that undefeated UFC strawweight Piera Rodriguez (8-0) will fight Sam “Sampage” Hughes in October.

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Rodriguez will be fighting for the second time in the UFC for an LFA alumna who was in attendance at LFA 137 on Friday in Commerce, CA. As Cageside Press reported on Friday, Rodriguez’s life hasn’t altered much since she made her promotional debut earlier this year. However, there are some positives.

When asked about her training regimen after her UFC debut victory over Kay Hansen at UFC 273, Rodriguez remarked, “Let’s just say it’s the same programme every day of my life, training, training, training. “However, now that I’ve relocated to the United States, things have become a little simpler for me.” Because I didn’t have that luxury previously, taking pauses between training sessions and getting a little more rest is a huge relief to me. “I’m the same guy, but things have become a little bit easier and more comfortable, but I’m still working as hard as ever,” he said.


As she prepared for her bout on October 15 against fellow LFA veteran Hughes, “I think this is going to be a tough battle and a fantastic feeling,” Rodriguez said. Because I had the chance to fight Hansen for the first time, something I was apprehensive about. Now that I’m less nervous, all I want to do is go, go, go. For sure, it’ll be an entertaining matchup that’s a departure from the norm.

Rodriguez now serves as a role model for the other fighters in her gym, having made it to the big event. As Rodriguez had done before to her UFC debut, relying on the advice of her more experienced comrades.

“It’s a great idea, since I believe that we should all support one another. It doesn’t matter what your place is in life, if you have the chance, help someone,” Rodriguez remarked. “Why not, if they have the skill, the dedication, the desire to battle, and the will to put in the effort?” Help them now. With Jacqueline [Cavalcanti] and other women who are making an effort, that’s what I’m aiming towards right now. It’s not the same if they’re only looking for photos and other mementos. But if you see them working hard and being disciplined every day, you’ll want to support them.”


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